Jamie’s Farm Updates

By Support - May 3rd, 2023 | Posted in News

Final Update:

It’s the final morning on the farm before we head home! The boys had a great adventure yesterday as we played games on the afternoon walk and we spotted wild horses! We had a pit stop to enjoy cookies and hot chocolate whilst taking in the scenery. We returned for a roast dinner and a camp fire where we reflected on our favourite bits of the trip- which I’m sure they can’t wait to tell families all about it!


Day 3 update:

After an amazing day paddling in streams and enjoying the sunshine. We have woken up full of energy after a good night’s sleep for our last day on the farm! We are just about to head out on the farm to do some jobs before we eat a cooked breakfast.

End of Day 1: The year 5s are just about to head out on the afternoon walk. After a busy day doing jobs around the farm.  We’ve been milking a cow, grooming the horse, making some delicious meals, fed lots of animals and even been trusted with an axe!