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Everybody has the right to learn, to be respected,
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Welcome to Nightingale Community Academy

I am delighted to welcome you to Nightingale Community Academy where boys aged between 5 and 19 can find a safe and stimulating environment in which to learn. We are meticulous in our attempt to know and understand the needs of our boys so that we can deliver expert management and teaching of behaviour to facilitate high-quality learning experiences. We work with community and family to deliver a curriculum that is varied, stimulating and sympathetic to the complex needs experienced by the children in our care.

We take pride in the development of young people who can take the knowledge and experiences we provide into the next phase of their education or training. We aim to instil community values that enable boys to live healthy and fulfilling lives; certain in the knowledge that they have developed the skills and independence necessary to engage fully in an ever more connected and challenging world.

Andre Bailey Principal

Andre Bailey

Dedicated staff have high expectations for all pupils at this school. They take the time to understand pupils’ complex and varying needs and help pupils to have positive experiences of education.

Ofsted, September 2022

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My son will be heading into his 4th year at Nightingale Community Academy and I can’t even put into words how unbelievably happy we are with his progress and all the support he gets.

Student's Parent