Away in a Spaceship

By Fiona Wilkins - December 21st, 2023 | Posted in Article

Our Primary Pupils put on a stunning performance of their Christmas show, ‘Away in a Spaceship’ for family members just before the end of term. They told the story of Christmas through the eyes of travelling aliens who came to investigate Earth and its inhabitants.

At first the aliens were worried that Santa was using his ‘Claus’ to hurt people and his elves were putting the residents on Earth onto the naughty list to do them harm. But they then realised that most people seemed to be enjoying Christmas and celebrating the birthday of baby Jesus. They even helped a lonely old man join in the festivities by giving him a gift.

All our pupils read their lines beautifully and sang the Christmas songs with gusto. At the end of the show, pupils took their parents into the dining room for a festive drink and snack.

 What a lovely way to end the term before the Christmas break.

Happy Christmas everyone!