Police present awards

By Support - February 28th, 2023 | Posted in News

Huge congratulations to our students who were recognised at our special Awards Night in February. Awards were given to students in recognition of instances when they have shown our values of Integrity, Resilience and Leadership. In recognition of the importance of these awards we were pleased to welcome the Metropolitan Police team who support the school to present the awards. They included the Safer Schools Officer, the Wandsworth Youth Engagement Officer and Wandsworth Safer Schools Sergeant.

The awards presented included:


Special mention to Harley in 9A for being helpful to his peers and teachers in lessons and for always doing the right thing, even behind closed doors.

and Leo for always being the voice of reason and integrity on topical issues and in discussions.



Special mention to Jerry for his commitment to attending school no matter what.

Dren who demonstrates resilience in all that he does and makes good choices.

Bradley for his ability to recover quickly from the difficulties he faces.

Ashley for being his true self despite others and their comments.

Tasian who was moved to a new form class when he returned from the Christmas break but  communicated his initial concerns about the change effectively and quickly understood the benefits the move would bring to his learning.

Brandon who has handled himself with composure, asking for help when needed and resolutely kept coming to school as his ‘safe space’

Shai  for never giving up with his Computing GCSE work and viewing challenges as learning opportunities.

Jaden who was able to bounce back in catering lessons and have a positive demeanour.

Georgie who has found friends, football and the construction team to help him settle and  build relationships with staff and other pupils.

Anthony who tries his absolute best in English lessons and is smashing it every lesson by working independently.


Rashaan for being goal oriented and making good decisions when it comes to his work. Rashaan pep talks other when they are feeling nervous and encourages them to persist with their studies. He arranges teams to play sport and leads by example.

Leo has recently started being a nurture group leader. He shows initiative when teaching reading and spelling to younger learners and devises multi sensory activities for them to build on their learning.

Romayne for leading and supporting others.

Shai whether it’s basketball or lesson time he leads by example.