The Nightingale Community Academy (NCA) Therapeutic Service aims to provide a supportive environment and a range of therapies so that our young people can begin to safely understand and express their thoughts and feelings, identify trigger points, develop healthy coping mechanisms and learn positive strategies for effective management of life’s challenges and expectations.

The individual needs of each learner are carefully assessed when they first join us and they are regularly reviewed and updated as boys progress through the school. We help learners to work through difficult experiences and traumatic events so that they better understand the reasons for their behaviour. Therapy is seen as an integral part of the school experience and learners can access a broad range of group and individual therapeutic interventions.

The therapy team works closely with the teaching team so that specialist knowledge is integrated into practice across the school. Every learner is supported to develop their social and emotional skills and to overcome barriers to learning to ensure that they have the best chance of academic success.

Nightingale Community Academy Therapy Procedure

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Trainee Clinical Placement

Trainees currently enrolled on a counselling or psychotherapy training, can apply for a clinical placement at the school. They will be directly supervised by the therapy Lead who is a qualified clinical supervisor and trained DSL. They will be required to attend regular supervision sessions in-house. Please contact our Lead Therapist via the school office for more information.

Therapy Team

Claudia McGowan

Therapy Lead