Nightingale Community Academy is a special school where we believe that our role is to mitigate barriers to learning and provide our pupils and students with a broad accreditation offer that prepares them for the next stage of their educational experience or the world of work.

The examination cycles begin in the primary school where all who are able engage with the standard assessment tasks that are completed by their mainstream contemporaries.

In KS3 the children have access to entry-level accreditation in English, mathematics and science. Those who demonstrate the capability are also provided the opportunity to complete level-1 English and mathematics.  This means that almost all of the boys hold recognised qualifications before they begin their GCSE journey.

In Key stages 4 and 5 we aim to ensure that every boy achieves 5 level-2 qualifications including English & Maths. That means they have up to 4 year of teaching input across a suite of accreditation that includes GCSEs, BTEC and City & Guilds. The most able can achieve up to 11 qualifications at level-2 and those in the 6th Form have access to level-3 accreditation through the City & Guilds awarding body.

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