Secondary students are offered a broad curriculum which includes the core subjects. There are also opportunities to follow vocational courses such as barbering, construction, horticulture, hospitality and motor vehicle studies.

Curriculum Pathways

At Nightingale Community Academy, our curriculum pathways are divided into

  • Core Subjects
  • Foundation Subjects
  • Personal Development

Our curriculum pathways enable us to create a solid foundation for every child so that they develop subject specific knowledge and skills that can be built upon in the next phase of their education. Lessons are personalised to meet individual need and to ensure that all of our learners can reach their potential.

Assessment milestones are aligned to the National Curriculum and this enables our learners to complete national assessments where capability allows.

More information about the Core Subjects, Foundation Subjects and Personal Development can be found on the pages in this section. If you would like more information about the Curriculum Pathways please contact the school office who will direct you to the Curriculum Lead.

Tel: 020 8874 9096