KS5 Transition

At KS5 students can remain at Nightingale Community Academy or transfer to a suitable local 6th form or college provider. We offer full-time places to enable examination retakes in core subjects alongside up to 3 vocational subjects. This routine offer is allied to a personal development curriculum that has been designed to prepare students for the next stage in their lives. We offer the ASDAN Life Skills Challenge which encompasses a range of accredited development experiences that build skills for independent living.

Decisions about study in the 6th form are finalised in the spring of year 11. We recognise that there is considerable risk when students leave Nightingale Community Academy to attend local post sixteen provision. During their time at the school, boys have wraparound therapeutic support allied to small classes and detailed individual planning. That level of care is difficult to maintain in a mainstream setting and there is a risk that the new placements will break down. We work with local authorities to maintain a mixed offer for these children who are dual registered at Nightingale Community Academy and the post sixteen delivery partner until the new placement is secure. In a small number of cases, we deliver resits in core curriculum alongside the mainstream specialism and as the named establishment we keep responsibility for the monitoring and delivery of EHCP.