In the summer term, we prepare pupils and students across the age ranges for transition into the next academic year. There is particular care given to those transferring from the primary phase into secondary school where pupils from external schools are provided with opportunities to visit the school and meet classmates during sports day and the summer celebration. Routine events, including parents’ group and coffee mornings are available to families and help to establish familiarity ahead of full-time attendance. We accept children throughout the academic year and operate a ‘what works’ attitude to transition. This can mean detailed work with the therapy team ahead of entry to class or a simple buddy arrangement to ensure new arrivals do not become isolated or overwhelmed.

Primary Transition

The transition from the primary phase begins during the summer term in Year 5 when the Educational Psychologist (EP) and all other agents prepare up-to-date assessments detailing the children’s developing strengths and their barriers to learning.  Parents, the EP, the SENDCo and a representative of the LA SEND team complete an Education Health & Care Plan (EHCP) review meeting and updates are made ahead of any consultations with preferred secondary schools.

Most boys transfer to the secondary phase at Nightingale Community Academy but for a number of children, the primary transition is an opportunity to test the strengths they have developed in an alternative setting. This might be a mainstream school, a base or another special school with an offer that is more closely aligned with their need.

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