National Pig Award

By Support - November 2nd, 2022 | Posted in News

We are excited to announce that Tom’s Farm has won a national award. Josh Farrell, the Farm manager has been named Pedigree Breeder of the Year in the conservation section of the highly prestigious National Pig Awards.

In the last few years Josh has worked to develop the herd of Oxford Sandy and Blacks, now they have all the male lines and 6 female lines. He said, “Since 2018 our pig herd has grown tremendously, registering some of our homebred stock for breeding in addition to bringing in some new blood to ensure we are creating a genetically diverse herd of pigs, looking deeper than just pedigrees but really diving into the kinship of our animals.”

Chris Impey the chair of the Judges, said, “Josh has really focused on finding breeders tat have not sold a lot of pigs and using kinship information has brought rarer bloodlines into this herd, improving hem and redistributing. He has ensured that the resources he has available have enabled him to make a real impact on Oxford Sandy and Blacks.”


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British Pig Association Conservation Award